Is there anything different about conducting a search on GoTo?

Search like you do anywhere. Type in a keyword or subject matter and go.  For some keywords, you will see Collections.  These Collections will appear above standard web results.  We hope that you will quickly see the potential for our new type of search engine.

How do your search results pages look?

When you type in a keyword, the results page will show a Collection if we have one for that keyword. We will show the Collection that we think is best for you. If we have multiple Collections for that keyword, we will give you the opportunity to choose from any of those Collections.

How can I see all Collections for a query?

On queries that have multiple Collections, you can click for additional Collections. You will then be able to browse the additional Collections we have for that query and select the one that is best for you.

What if there are not any Collections for my query?

We will show you traditional algorithmic search results.  Just like you can see on any other search engine.  If you think you can provide a better set of results than what was displayed to you, feel free to make a Collection on that subject.

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