Cristo Redentor

Leia Morgan
Portuguese is the official language in Brazil, so Christ the Redeemer is called "Cristo Redentor."

Nine years to build

Leia Morgan
The statue was started in 1922 and completed in 1931. The building cost was the equivalent of US$250,000 (around $3,400,000 in 2016).

Tijuca Forest

Leia Morgan
The statue is surrounded by an urban tropical rainforest called Tijuca Forest. There are escalators at the mountain peak to access the statue and its nearby chapel.

635 metric tons...

Leia Morgan
Or 625 long tons, 700 short tons; Christ the Redeemer is no lightweight. The statue is made from concrete and soapstone.

International project...

Leia Morgan
Created by Paul Landowski (French), built by Heitor da Silva Costa (Brazilian) & Albert Caquot (French), face by Gheorghe Leonida (Romanian).
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