The subject of serial killers is fascinating to many people simply because it is hard to believe humans can act in such horrific ways. To many of these individuals, other people are simply prey or toys. Often they come from abused backgrounds and later become abusers themselves - to the extent of becoming a serial killer. This is not a selection of the serial killers with the highest number of victims. This is just a snapshot of some of the worst serial killers of all time.

10 Serial Killers Who'll Give You Nightmares

10 Serial Killers Who'll Give You Nightmares. With cannibals and murderous clowns, sleepless nights are guaranteed after this video. Think carefully before watching this NSFW video!

Fred and Rosemary West - 12 victims

The UK has had its fair share of serial killers: From the Victorian horrors of Jack the Ripper, to the brutal murders of Peter Sutcliffe (the Yorkshire Ripper). Harold Shipman may have been involved in over 250 murders! But Fred and Rosemary West would also torture and rape - and even murder their own family members. Fred West committed suicide in 1995, Rosemary West is still in prison.

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Rose was involved in 10 of the murders.

Richard Ramirez - 14 victims

Considering serial killers from places like Colombia, Brazil, China, India and Russia have been convicted for many more murders, it is a surprise to find Richard Ramirez, the "Night Stalker, stands out. Ramirez raped, tortured, mutilated and murdered in a crime spree that lasted less than a year. Ramirez was about as evil as a human being can be - he instilled fear in people and was utterly remorseless.

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Ramirez died in prison from B-cell lymphoma.

John Wayne Gacy - 33-34 victims

Many US serial killers have become infamous for their deeds: Ted Bundy, Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer - all familiar names. But John Wayne Gacy has to be one of the worst. Who would know that a man involved in charitable events as Pogo the Clown was actually a disturbed serial killer? Gacy was executed in 1994 and his brain was removed to study it for potential abnormalities that could have caused his evil behavior. No abnormalities were found.

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Gacy buried many of his victims under his house.

Gilles de Rais - 140 victims

Gilles de Rais - 140 victims

Gilles de Rais was a French nobleman who was accused of killing 140 people. The victims were children, and it has been recorded that Gilles took great pleasure in brutally torturing and sexually assaulting his victims before killing them in a sadistic manner. The recorded acts of this French serial killer are deeply disturbing and he could easily be considered one of the worst serial killers of all time.

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Gilles was executed by hanging and burning.
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