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This is a list of community colleges or current baccalaureate-granting institutions which used to be known as a community colleges, junior colleges, or technical schools.

TIP: Public community colleges are the most affordable place to start your education in the trades or earn a certification. At approximately $100 an hour in most locations, public community colleges offer a very affordable way to earn a certification. Beware of the private colleges teaching the trade certifications at much higher costs, as the quality is much lower than public colleges and some private schools are defrauding their students.

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A trade magazine or trade journal is a publication that targets a particular industry, trade, or business.

TIP: Thirteen or fourteen years of age is a good age to plan for your future. Ask a few questions so you can easily enter the education or work of your choosing. Which math classes do I need? Should I take shop classes in high school? Do I need to know drafting? With a little planning, you can step right into a good paying job quickly after completing high school or GED.
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