Is French-Press Coffee Bad for Your Cholesterol?

French press coffee is boiled and not filtered, resulting in higher concentrations of diterpenes, specifically cafestol and kahweol. These diterpenes have been found to raise cholesterol.

Chris Cole
Espresso falls into the unfiltered category of coffee as well.

Cuisinart Gold Tone Filter (GTF)

Coffeemakers that employ filters reduce much of the cafestol and kahweol found in unfiltered and boiled coffee.

Chris Cole
Paper filters work to the same effect, retaining most diterpenes.

Happiness in a Cup? Health Benefits of Coffee

While unfiltered coffee has been linked to elevations in cholesterol levels, coffee consumption has also been linked to several health benefits, including a decrease in the risk of depression and improvement in cognitive function.

Chris Cole
In moderation, coffee can facilitate alertness.
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