Superhero movies can make an incredible amount of money and turn actors and actresses into superstars. There was a time when this genre of film was not taken seriously, but times have changed and some of the greatest superhero movies of all time have become outright classics, regardless of genre.

The Dark Knight (2008)

Dan the Info-man
Any one of Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012) could be considered the greatest superhero movie ever. But the Joker has it!

Iron Man (2008)

Dan the Info-man
Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe took over the world, there was this original first film. Robert Downey Jr. admitted he was Iron Man and the fireworks began!

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Dan the Info-man
If you ever need an antidote to Peter Parker boogieing about in Spider-Man 3, then this is it. A superhero film with a great heart, big reveal and a complicated villain.

Watchmen (2009)

Dan the Info-man
A great film of a wonderful graphic novel. Many critics are divided about this movie. But love it or loathe it, it is a must-see film.
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