Some Hamilton places you can still visit

I have listed the places out in roughly in chronological order according to when Hamilton was there.

Attended King's College (class of 1777)

in 1760, King's College (today Columbia) moved to its own building at Park Place, near the present City Hall in NYC.

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Fun Fact: Hamilton didn't graduate because of the Revolutionary War

Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House

This building was built on the site of Fort George and The Battery (didn't exist during Hamilton's time). Alexander Hamilton saw military action at this location as a private in the militia and was stationed here as captain of the New York Company of Artillery.

The Morris-Jumel Mansion

Washington's HQ after loss of Manhattan to British. Alexander Hamilton attended many military and government meetings here. Lin Manuel-Miranda wrote some of his Hamilton Musical in a bedroom (later occupied by none other than Aaron Burr). Google Map:

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Located near the Hamilton Grange. Later lived in by Aaron Burr.

Valley Forge - George Washington's HQ

This building was General George Washington's quarters during the difficult winter encampment in 1777/78. Alexander Hamilton lived here and worked here during that time. Google Map:

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One of my favorite Hamilton tour buildings to visit.

Schuyler Mansion Panorama (Albany NY)

Elizabeth Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton were married in this house. There is a nice small museum in the adjacent building. Google Map:

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See the house where the Schuyler sisters grew up.

The ‘76 House is New York’s oldest tavern

Alexander Hamilton visited captured spy Major Andre (see Benedict Arnold) here a number of times. Hamilton protested to Washington to allow him to be shot (as a gentleman) rather than be hanged. He was hanged. Google Map:

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Great lunch and dinner here.

57 Maiden Lane

Thomas Jefferson lived at 57 Maiden Lane in NYC (now an office tower, ironically). While there, there was a 'secret' meeting to agree to move the Federal Capital from NYC to Washington DC. Map:

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The room where it happened...

First Bank of the United States building

The First Bank of the US was the brainchild of Alexander Hamilton, who wrote a report outlining its function and structure, and then defended its constitutionality in order to have the bank bill signed into law. Located at 116 S. 3rd Street Map:

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visit the 2nd bank of the US while you're here

US Treasury Building in Washington DC

Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury under President George Washington. This building was built well after Hamilton but it is worth a visit if you're in Washington DC.

Fraunces Tavern Museum, New York

The location where George Washington was celebrated before he returned to Mount Vernon after stepping down. Also, Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton attended a meeting here a week before their fateful duel.

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They have nice fish and chips here

Bayard House - Alexander Hamilton

Bayard House - Alexander Hamilton

After being mortally wounded, Hamilton was rowed across the Hudson to the Bayard House where he was alert and composed as he lie wounded. Eliza and the seven children were summoned and arrived to see him.

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The plaque is located about a block away from the actual spot.


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ALEXANDER THE GREAT: Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton, the first secretary of the treasury, may today be better known for his death in a duel with Aaron Burr, than for the role he played as a founder ...

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Thank you Ron for shining the spotlight on this founding father.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs at the White House Poetry Jam

Writer and star of the Broadway musical In the Heights, Lin-Manuel Miranda performs "The Hamilton Mixtape" at the White House Evening of Poetry, Music, and ...

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This performance went viral and eventually led to the Hamilton Musical.


Draft of Additional Items for this Collection:

Other Places & Things (in progress)

  • New York State: West Point
  • New York State: Albany
  • New York, NYC: Wall Street
  • New York, NYC: City Hall Park (
  • New Jersey: Trenton, Princeton
  • Pennsylvania, Philadelphia: City Tavern
  • Pennsylvania, Philadelphia: Treasury Office (plaque)
  • Pennsylvania, Philadelphia: Independence Hall - constitutional convention 1787
  • Pennsylvania, Monmouth - Battle of Monmouth
  • Virginia, Colonial Williamsburg: Encampment near Williamsburg prior to Yorktown.

Chronology of Hamilton's Life

  • 1757 - born in British Nevis (
  • 1765 - moves to Danish St. Croix (
  • 1766 - clerks for Cruder trading company in St. Croix
  • 1770 - Boston Massacre
  • 1772 - St. Croix hurricane
  • 1773 - Hamilton arrives in North America. Attends prep school in NJ (
  • 1774 - begins studies at King's College (near present day City Hall:
  • 1775 - first shots of American Revolution at Lexington and Concord.
  • 1776 - becomes captain of 1st Battalion and sees action near battery (
  • 1776 - Declaration of Independence.
  • 1776 - Participates in capture of Trenton NJ.
  • 1777 - January - battle of Princeton
  • 1788 - Participates in Battle of Monmouth
  • 1780 - courts Eliza Schuyler
  • 1781 - quarrel between Hamilton and Washington. Finds glory in battle of Yorktown.
  • 1782 - first son Philip born.
  • 1783 - Treaty of Paris signed. War ends.
  • 1784 - Bank of NY opens
  • 1785 - Co-founds Manumission Society
  • 1786 - to be continued...

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