When Brainstorming

There are several ways to think about how you want to start thinking about the map.

  • Create the coastlines and fill in the inside
  • Think about the cities and where they would be, then draw around the cities or nations
  • Think about interesting land features and how people would build on or around them
  • Think about resources and how they affect the location of cities or towns

Terra Incognita :: World Map Generator

You can right click on the map, and select "Save as" to save the map.

A tool used for realistic coastline and land mass generation. Can take screenshots of randomly generated landmasses for guidelines on your own creations or inspiration.

Mapping U.S. Watersheds

Give each student a printed map of the United States and crayons or colored pencils. Have them find the large bodies of water-the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico-and color them light blue. Explain that in this activity, students will find out how water flows over land in different parts of the United States and into these large bodies of water.

A good exercise for practicing how to track watersheds and better predict how they're represented on a map

GIMP - Downloads

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A good, free, image editing software that is useful for making custom maps


One method of creating randomized continents using Photoshop. Filter > Render > Clouds , and then, Adjustment Layer > Threshold

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