Dinosaur Birth Certificate

Throughout the day, the Jurassic Park Discovery Center has hatchling raptors. If you're there when it happens you can volunteer to give it a name. If you do, they'll give you a certificate for being a proud mama.

Men In Black Alien Attack Secret Tour

If it's a slow day at the MIB ride, ask a crew member if you can get a tour of the immigration room.

Shereen Rayle
I saw someone doing this on my last trip, and now I finally know how to get in on it!

Ice Water

Any of the merchants that sell fountain drinks will give you a free ice water if you ask. Most indoor eateries will also fill up your water bottle or thermos.

Package Pick-up

Buy something in the park that you don't want to carry around? Ask for package pick-up and you can stop at Guest Services near the front of the park before you leave to pick up your purchases.

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