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Cassie Muniz
Though some opinions differ, the current DK is generally believed to be the grandson of Cranky Kong, who was the original DK in the NES games.

Was Cranky the Original Donkey Kong? | The Kongspiracy | Gnoggin

Is Cranky Kong really the old Donkey Kong? The Donkey Kong from the classic arcade game by the same name. Cranky seems to say so, along with everyone else, this is pretty common knowledge, but lets go over exactly how we know of this truth, and go over some contradictions found in various DK games.

Cassie Muniz
An informative video explaining the relationship between DK, DK Jr., and Cranky Kong.

Kong Family - Donkey Kong Wiki - Wikia

The Kong Family (also known as the Kong Klan and the DK Crew) is the name of all of Donkey Kong. The Kong Family 's family and friends. Though they share the same last name, not all of them are related to one another but instead the name is a sign of their union as a species, tribe and/or clan; thus, membership appears to be earned.

Donkey Kong (character) - Nintendo - Wikia

The Donkey Kong from arcades is supposedly Cranky Kong according to Rare, and Donkey Kong Jr. is Donkey Kong in the new titles. Some sources claim that Rare's Donkey Kong is actually Donkey Kong Jr.'s son. It seems that Donkey Kong Jr. is in fact the current Donkey Kong, as Cranky Kong has referred to Donkey Kong as his son and an employee at Rare has stated that this was indeed the case through their website, and to close your ears when anyone says otherwise.

Donkey Kong - MarioWiki - Wikia

Donkey Kong (also commonly referred to as DK) is a major character in the Mario series. He is the first Mario antagonist who premiered alongside Mario (then called Jumpman) and Pauline (then called Lady in Donkey Kong on the arcade). Donkey Kong was an antagonist before Bowser existed.

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