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Haredi Judaism ( Hebrew: חֲרֵדִי‎ , IPA: ; also spelled Charedi, plural Charedim) is a broad spectrum of groups within Orthodox Judaism, all characterized by a rejection of modern secular culture. Its members are often referred to as strictly Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox in English. The term "ultra-Orthodox", however, is considered pejorative by many of its adherents.

Klezmer - Wikipedia

Klezmer ( Yiddish: כליזמר or קלעזמער ( klezmer), pl.: כליזמרים ( klezmorim) - instruments of music) is a musical tradition of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe. Played by professional musicians called klezmorim in ensembles known as kapelye, the genre originally consisted largely of dance tunes and instrumental display pieces for weddings and other celebrations.

The Hasidic World

Hasidism is a sect within Orthodox Judaism that emphasizes fervent prayer, maintaining a deep connection with a grand rabbi, insularity, and strict adherence to Jewish law. The sect was founded by the Baal Shem Tov in 18th century Poland. Today, Hasidic Jews primarily live in New York City, London, Antwerp, and all throughout Israel.

The bride with 25,000 guests Holding sash, newlywed, 19, waits for relative to perform 'Mitzvah'.

Jewish well-wishers from around the world attended the Ultra Orthodox Jewish wedding to witness the marriage of the grandson of Hasidic dynasty head Belz Rebbe in Jerusalem, Israel, yesterday. Shalom Rokeach, 18, who married his 19-year-old bride Hannah Batya Penet in a ceremony lasting several hours yesterday, is the future leader of the Jewish sect which is one of the largest in the world.

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