How to Use Bear Spray - Banff National Park

You bought that canister of bear spray, now what do you do with it? Don't just stash it in your backpack, get ready for your adventure by watching this video.

Elliot S
A really succinct video about how to use bear spray


Elliot S
See how bear spray works on an actual bear

Bike Holster for Bear Spray, SABRE's New Product

Want to explore bear country with confidence on two wheels? Try the Bike Holster for Bear Spray from SABRE's Frontiersman, the industry's leader in bear spray. In this video, produced by Backpacker Magazine's AIM Studios in the Colorado Rockies, you'll see the Bike Holster for Bear Spray in action.

Elliot S
I really like Sabre products. This is a video showing different holders to keep their Bear Spray handy no matter what you are doing
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