Kool Collar

You have to remember that while you may be cool, your dog is basically wearing a coat all the time. If they're too warm, they can get heat stroke. Cool them down with this awesome collar that has ice pack inserts, but can also be used with regular ice cubes. The mesh inside allows it to cool your dog down while the water evaporate, acting like a mini air conditioner.

Shereen Rayle
My dog loves her Kool Collar and get excited when she sees me pull it out of the freezer.

Laken thermo vacuum insulated bottles

Hot water is the worst, especially when it's hot outside. I have two of these bottles that I take on trips with me. Fill them with ice and a cool beverage and hours later (8-10 and sometimes more) you still have ice even if you've drunk everything inside. Hot water is just as unappealing to dogs when it's warm out, so I keep one filled with ice water just for my pup when we're out, this way she always has cool water to drink.

Shereen Rayle
Clip your collapsible bowl to this and you've got a great water station.


We wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun. Dogs have the same need as we do, plus they are closer to the ground, so these can help keep dirt and sand out of their eyes on windy days or trips to the beach. If your pup likes to stick their head out of the car window, these help keep foreign objects from striking them.

Shereen Rayle
These come in all sizes for even the littlest and biggest dogs and are very comfortable for event he pickiest pup.


Head to your local pet supply store and pick up a good spray sunscreen for your pooch if you're going to outside for long periods of time. They are susceptible to getting sunburn on their nose, muzzle, ears and any place they have thin or no hair. While you can use regular sunscreen on them, it is not non-toxic for dogs and you don't want them licking their nose with people sunscreen on it.

Shereen Rayle
Keep in your cooler, so a quick spritz is extra cooling and you have it on hand for reapplication.

Collapsible or Folding Crate

I always take along a mesh pop-up crate when I travel with my dog. Sometimes hotels won't allow you to leave them in the room unattended, or ask that they are crated when they are. This packs easily and gives your pup some private space all of their own. If they are crate trained at home, this is especially important, especially if you think their home crate is too bulky to travel with you.

Shereen Rayle
These can also keep your dog safe in the car if they are a nervous rider or like to jump all over the place while you're driving.
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