Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery  is a cool new service being rolled out to residential customers across the USA.  It allows you to see (in a daily email) a picture of the outside of all envelopes about to be delivered to your mailbox.  Although it's a bit creepy (but not surprising)  to know that "big brother" is watching your mail, this is a useful service if you are out of town for a while and don't want to miss a wedding invitation or something important.  

General Delivery - Your personal address anywhere in the USA

If your traveling anywhere in the USA and need something mailed to you, it's easy to have the package (or letter) sent to almost any Post Office.  You simply address it like this (example): 

John Smith


TAMPA BAY, 33602-9999

When you get to that Post Office, simply go to the desk and present your ID and they will give you your letter.

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