Crop Rotation Made Simple

Crop rotation is key to a successful vegetable garden after the first year. It's also difficult to organize well, particularly if you are growing different amounts of a variety of crops. This video explains a simple colour-coded method of crop rotation that makes the whole process much simpler and shows how the Garden Planner software can help.

This video pushes users towards their software, but the video is still informational.

Crop Rotation in the Vegetable Garden Crop Rotation is something I recommend doing in the garden. It helps with soil borne diseases and I believe helps keep the nutrient levels somewhat in balance.

The Importance Of Crop Rotation - Quickcrop

Crop rotation is a subject that puts some new gardeners off. It really isn't difficult and is vitally important to the health of your vegetable garden. Learn the importance of crop rotation with this tutorial from Quickcrop. The idea is not to grow a crop in the same place year after year to prevent disease and nutrition problems in the garden. It requires a little planning at first but once you've got the basics you'll find it a breeze. You'll need to split your crops into 5 basic groups and they are: Brassicas, Legumes, Onions, Potato Family, Roots.

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