There are some lists on the Internet featuring the films considered to be the best animations ever solely populated by Disney movies! Disney animation certainly was the benchmark for a long time - but other studios have caught up. Here are some of the greatest animated movies of all time.

10 Best Animated Movies Ever

Top 10 Most Popular Animated Films in Movie History. Lots of modern and well-known animated films in this interesting video countdown, but perhaps overlooking some lesser-known classics...

The Lion King (1994)

Image from The Lion King.

Dan the Info-man
Such is the incredible legacy of The Lion King that it has been turned into a video game, musical stage show, TV series and film series!

Spirited Away (2001)

Image from Spirited Away.

Dan the Info-man
A young girl called Chihiro gets lost at an abandoned theme park and ends up working in a spa for magical spirits to rescue her parents. Really. And it's fantastic!

Toy Story (1995)

Image from Toy Story.

Dan the Info-man
Which of the series is the best? The original? The sequel? Number 3? Toy Story 4, possibly out in 2018, has a lot to live up to.
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