What To Know Before Buying A First Home - Business Insider

Here are 9 things you should consider first before signing -- The 9 Questions To Ask Before Buying Your First Home.

TIP: When considering a first home purchase, even years before you shop for a house, your first stop should always be the bank. Do your own budget, know what average home mortgages are running for your neighborhood and NEVER let the mortgage sales person at the bank talk you into a penny more. Required down payments can be anywhere from 3% to 20%. So use the mortgage sales person’s knowledge to help you plan your home purchase savings account.

First-Time Home Buyer Tips - Closing Time

Closing is the last step in buying a home. Both parties meet at a title company to sign the paperwork and exchange the agreed upon moneys.

TIP: Sign it on the dotted line BUT you need to know how much you owe at the closing table. Be in regular contact with the closing agent to confirm how much money you need to bring to closing or you may lose the house or sale. Call multiple times as this amount can change Bank drafts/certified checks are almost always required.

Top 10 Home Maintenance Tips for First Time Home Owners

With more than 35 years in the residential real estate business, it's clear that you can trust Clark Wilson Builder to deliver the right information.

TIP: Plan to do your own home maintenance and yard upkeep to cut some costs of home ownership. You might actually find you enjoy it. Yard and gardening are like an art form for some.
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