Rag Rolling Hair

Rag rolls are some of the most comfortable ways to sleep while getting no-heat curls, plus they aren't as hard on your hair. Gather strips of fabric (or you can use baby wipes, so you don't have to start with damp hair). Wet your hair so it is damp, wrap strands around your strips and tie near the top of your head. In the morning, you'll have soft curls.

Twist and Pin

Besides rag rolls, pinning your hair can be a less-uncomfortable way to sleep while getting curls. Twist small sections of damp hair and then pin with bobby pins to your scalp.

headband curls

This works best with shorter hair. Use an elasticized headband and wrap damp sections of hair around it before bed. In the morning, you should have lovely curls that start at the crown of your head.

Braided Curls

You don't have to sleep on a braid to get curls, but it is an easy overnight option. A box braid works best and the longer you keep the braids in the more pronounced your curls will be.

Sock Bun Curls

Put your hair in a ponytail and roll it up in a sock bun before bed. When you wake up, you'll have large, voluminous waves/curls.

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