Episode #1 With Jenny Mollen by Here To Make Friends ...

Actress, author and prolific Bachelorette-tweeter, Jenny Mollen join hosts Emma and Claire to recap the first episode of Season 11. Emma and Claire also make judgement calls on all of the bachelors and review all of the feminism fails. And, as an added bonus -- some words of insight directly from the man himself, Chris Harrison.

Amber L. Carter
This podcast, hosted by two Huffington Post writers/editors, breaks down the troubling issues surrounding having two Bachelorettes at the beginning of this season of 'The Bachelorette'

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe GMA Interview | LIVE 6-23-15

Kaitlyn opens up to the men - and America - about getting intimate with one of the contestants on the show.

Amber L. Carter
Kaitlyn sleeping with Nick Viall after their one-on-one date became a HUGE deal in Bachelor Nation, but Kaitlyn held her own both on the show and in the press.
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