How To Massage A Newborn Baby

Newborn Massage is important to stimulate the growth and bonding between mother and newborn. A proper massage techniques will help the weight gain of ...

Infant Massage Techniques

Isis Instructor Lynn Darbyshire demonstrates some infant massage techniques. Video produced by our friends at

Infant Massage - Relax baby & Relieve colic

Massage expert Susan G. Salvo demonstrates how to massage your baby. Susan took her first Infant Massage Instructor training in 1986 with Maria Mathias and ...

Kenna McHugh
I like this video because she really tells you and shows you what to do.

Baby Massage Techniques

Learn to give a soothing massage with this simple, step-by-step video. Massage is a great way to bond with your baby, and it's also a calming way to help him ...

Kenna McHugh
There is on step missing from these videos in general. That is asking the baby if it is okay to massage him or her.

Using Infant Massage to Relieve Colic

Isis Instructor Lynn Darbyshire demonstrates infant massage techniques to relieve colic and newborn fussiness. Video produced by ...

Baby massage: Coughs and colds

Tiddey Pom baby massage for coughs and colds. Babies spend a lot of time lying down making them congested if they have a cold or cough. Massage ...

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