Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art

The museum brings the joy of experiencing great works of art to diverse university, community, national and global audiences through relevant and enlightening art collections, exhibitions and learning opportunities.

Florida Museum of Natural History

The Florida Museum is primarily located on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville with research sites throughout the world. But the Museum is more than facilities and a repository for millions of specimens and artifacts. Learn more by taking a tour today.

Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation

The conservation foundation provides educational opportunities and activities for a wide variety of people including school groups, college and vet students, 4H groups, and continuing education for veterinarians.

Butterfly Rainforest

The Butterfly Rainforest is a can’t-miss living exhibit that features hundreds of free-flying butterflies and birds from around the world along with an assortment of other animals including turtles and fish to experience firsthand.

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