How I Care For My Bromeliads

I have quite a few bromeliads in my garden & like them for the interest they add. In this video, a show & tell of sorts, I explain to you how easy they are to maintain ...


How to harvest Bromeliad pups! Learn how to properly care for your mother Bromeliad and the pups it creates. Bromeliads are excellent tropical plants and you ...

Kenna McHugh
He sure is excited about the bromeliad plant, and I don't blame him. The plants are so beautiful and last so long.

Introducing Bromeliads...

Kew Gardens expert horticulturist, Marcelo Sellaro, looks at some of the stunning bromeliads in the Tropical Nursery and explains their fascinating history.

Kenna McHugh
One of my favorite plants is the bromeliad because their colors are so vibrant.
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