Black Sabbath - "Black Sabbath"

Black Sabbath's original video performance of the song "Black Sabbath"

Cassie Muniz
Black Sabbath is widely regarded as the first doom metal band.

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Doom metal is a form of heavy metal music that emerged as a recognized sub-genre during the first half of the 1980s. Generally, doom metal features very slow tempos, low-tuned guitars and a much "denser" or "heavier" sound than other metal genres. Both the music and the lyrics intend to evoke a sense of dread or impending doom, and often an atmosphere of despair.

Saint Vitus - Zombie Hunger

saint vitus-zombie hunger.

Cassie Muniz
Saint Vitus' eponymous 1984 debut album is considered one of the first doom metal albums.

Candlemass - "Mirror Mirror" Official Video (1988)

The official music video for the song "Mirror Mirror" by the Swedish doom metal band Candlemass. This song is from their 3rd album Ancient Dreams (1988).

Cassie Muniz
Ancient Dreams was the band's first album to chart in the U.S. (#74 on the Billboard album chart).
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