Trade Details

Date: February 10, 2000

Cincinnati Reds acquire

  • Outfielder Ken Griffey Jr.

Seattle Mariners acquire

  • Outfielder Mike Cameron
  • Right-handed pitcher Jake Meyer
  • Infielder Antonio Perez
  • Right-handed pitcher Brett Tomko

OF Ken Griffey Jr.

Griffey served as the face of the Reds franchise from 2000-2008, receiving three National League All-Star selections in that time.

Griffey's Injuries

After proving himself to be extremely durable in Seattle, Griffey regularly suffered lower-body injuries—to his knees, hamstrings and ankles—while with the Reds. He never played in more than 145 of a possible 162 games in any of his Cincinnati seasons.

Ely Sussman
That's unfortunately how I remember him best. Although still productive at the plate, those injuries robbed him of his trademark athleticism.

Griffey Hits His 500th Career Home Run

Impressive milestones like this one from Father's Day 2004 bolstered Junior's Hall of Fame resume. He was eventually inducted in 2016, his first year of eligibility.

OF Mike Cameron

From 2000-2003, Cameron filled Griffey's shoes with the Mariners as their new center fielder. He proved to be a stellar defensive player and a key contributor on the 2001 team that set an MLB record with 116 regular season wins.

RHP Brett Tomko

RHP Brett Tomko

Along with Cameron, Tomko was the only other player headed to Seattle in the deal who had a lengthy MLB career. He pitched 43 games for the Mariners from 2000-2001.

Trade's Legacy

Griffey immediately became a fan favorite in Cincinnati, but even when healthy, never fully replicated his elite production. As a result, the Reds wouldn't get into the playoffs until after he departed. For the Mariners, the trade cleared significant payroll that allowed them to address various roster needs and build the 2001 juggernaut.

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