DIY: Crayon Melting Art

The song is "Latin Industries" by Kevin MacLeod, it is 100% royalty free!* Hope you enjoy! :) Let me know if you have any questions or requests! Thanks so much ...

Ingrid Cruz
Gluing crayons to a canvas and blowdrying them is a fun way to create melting art.

DIY Rainbow Crayon Candle!

DIY rainbow candle from crayons! Fun DIY project for the fall! How to make a crayon candle at home! ☻Share your DIY recreations on instagram ...

Ingrid Cruz
You can also make candles using crayons.

DIY Lipstick Made Out of CRAYONS: Easiest Way!

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Ingrid Cruz
You can even make your own lipstick with crayons, especially since they're non-toxic.
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