Love and Rockets in the '80s

Love and Rockets in the '80s

Left to right: David J., Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins.

Cassie Muniz
They are considered one of the first "alternative rock" bands.

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Love and Rockets were an English alternative rock band formed in 1985 by former Bauhaus members Daniel Ash (vocals, guitar and saxophone), David J (bass guitar and vocals) and Kevin Haskins (drums and synthesisers) after the group split in 1983. Ash and Haskins had recorded and performed in another band, Tones on Tail, between 1982 and 1984. Love and Rockets' fusion of underground rock music with elements of pop music provided an early catalyst for alternative rock. They released seven studio albums before breaking up in 1999 and reformed briefly in 2007 for a few live shows, before splitting again in 2009.

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