Paris Catacombs

Under the city of Paris, 200 miles of labyrinthine tunnels are the home of the bones of 6 million residents who had been moved from overcrowded cemeteries in the city.

Shereen Rayle
Paris, France

Dambulla Cave Temple

22 centuries of history fill this UNESCO Heritage Site which has over 150 Buddha statues and extensive wall murals. It is the largest cave temple found to date.

Shereen Rayle
Sri Lanka

Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor

Remains of the China's first emperor is located under a 30-story funeral mound. He is protected by his terracotta army (all of which are different), including weapons and horses.

Shereen Rayle

Pendleton Underground

Home of the first electric streetlight, Pendleton has a whole city underground where the Chinese laborers ran their businesses. This was also where more illicit deals took place, including gambling and drinking during prohibition.

Shereen Rayle
Pendleton, Oregon

Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini

Similar to Paris' Catacombs, the Capuchin ossuary houses the remains of 4,000 people. The exception is that every occupant is a former monk and the bones are artfully arranged to form coats of arms, chandeliers and more within the crypt.

Shereen Rayle
Rome, Italy

Waitomo glowworm caves

Take a boat ride through a naturally lit cave. The cave is filled with glowworms that give off a blue glow. You'll feel as if you're looking at the stars, but underground.

Shereen Rayle
Waitomo, New Zealand
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