Bodyweight Workouts

Its not always easy to find time to go to the gym, so here are 3 of my favorite bodyweight workouts. These workouts require little to no equipment at all 

Workout #1

The first workout is simple and easy to do:

100 pullups

100 pushups

100 situps

100 lunges

This workout is a great full body workout that will absolutely leave you sore the next day

Harrison Levy
I suggest breaking this workout into 4 sets of 25 of each activity.

Workout #2

The second workout is a 12 round workout consisting of 

10 burpees

10 mountain climbers

10 squat jump

10 pullups

This workout is a cardio killer and will get you sweating!

Harrison Levy
Try adding this workout as a burn out to your current workouts

Workout #3

The third and final workout is the hardest. (this workout requires a pull-up bar and shoud take around 60 minutes)

Maximum rep pullups

Maximum rep dips

100 jump ropes

Maximum rep chin-ups

Maximum rep pushups

100 jump ropes

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Harrison Levy
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