Trade Details

Date: December 9, 1965

Baltimore Orioles acquire

  • Outfielder Frank Robinson

Cincinnati Reds acquire

  • Right-handed pitcher Jack Baldschun
  • Right-handed pitcher Milt Pappas
  • Outfielder Dick Simpson

OF Frank Robinson

Robinson had been a fantastic player from 1960-1962 (National League's leader in slugging percentage each season), but his performance noticeably slipped in the three seasons since then. The Orioles took a gamble that he would remain a legitimate power threat into his thirties. It paid off marvelously: he captured both American League MVP and World Series MVP in 1966, then contributed to three more pennant-winning teams from 1969-1971.

RHP Milt Pappas

Neither Baldschun nor Simpson had memorable stints for the Reds, and Pappas' time there is only noteworthy for being a disappointment. He was much more hittable in the National League than he had been with the O's. A particularly rough stretch early in the 1968 season (5.68 earned run average through 15 games) led to another trade.

Trade's Legacy

The Reds were so concerned about Robinson's aging, yet his career outlasted Pappas' by three seasons! Without either of them, however, they emerged as the National League's top team during the 1970's. So although the trade embarrassed Cincinnati in the short term, it doesn't necessarily haunt them to do this day.

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