Where – and why – GoTo Resolve wins

Happy woman with outstretched arms on a road overlooking a lake, representing how GoTo Resolve wins over the competition


According to a recent report, 66% of U.S. employees work remotely, at least part-time. Moving forward, 85% of managers believe that teams of remote workers will become the new norm. Clearly, remote work—and hybrid work—are here to stay, forcing businesses to seek out innovative solutions that facilitate digital collaboration.

GoTo Resolve answers that demand for SMBs around the world. As a leading remote IT support software solution, GoTo Resolve brings a great more to the IT table than other remote solutions. Here’s how.

All-in-one IT solution

Many other IT software solutions get only part of the job done. Some require that you supplement their platform or rely on integrations in order to cover remote monitoring & management (RMM), remote support, and ticketing—which adds complexity and cost. Others require scripting knowledge in order to pull system diagnostics or automate repetitive tasks.

On the other hand, GoTo Resolve is a consolidated platform, without the need for switching tabs, making additional purchases, or learning new products. Here’s what one customer had to say:

“GoTo Resolve is a one-stop-shop IT support platform designed with today's small and medium businesses in consideration. It provides everything we require to operate our business from everywhere—all in one location. It has...saved us both money and time.” – G2 Review from Allen C., Senior Full Stack Developer

Easy to use

From first glance—and first use—it’s apparent that GoTo Resolve is decidedly different. GoTo Resolve boasts a slick, intuitive, modern interface that makes for easy work for both agents and users, even those who aren’t tech-savvy. It’s especially user friendly and intuitive, with a simple drag-and-drop, no-code interface that gets you up and running—fast.

Compare that to other solutions that are complicated from the start, from needing guidance just to download the app, to a steep learning curve that can take months, even years, to learn. In fact, users of one competitor say you need a “degree” in the app to get the most out of it. Plus, you pay an additional fee to use their training platform.

GoTo Resolve is anything but complicated. Hear it from one of our customers:

“We use GoTo Resolve as part of our 'Helpdesk Support Kit.' We find the platform very user friendly. Supporting customers is a breeze now with GoTo Resolve. I was able to train our agents and team in a few sessions because of the amount of support and materials available from GoTo Resolve’s team.” – TrustRadius Review from a Higher Education Administrator in Information Technology

Zero trust security architecture

Security is where GoTo Resolve really shines. Currently, GoTo Resolve is the only remote IT software offering zero trust. With ransomware attacks now a risk for all businesses—with 236.1 million attacks in the first six months of 2022 alone—security is always top of mind.

Yet our competitors have been making headlines in this arena. In July 2022, one IT management software provider was the victim of REvil, affecting up to 1,500 of their customers. Another provider experienced a ransomware attack that impacted over 20,000 customers in 2020 due to a flaw in their software. Another requires a user download for support, which wreaked havoc when users mistakenly downloaded malware. One provider has a reusable ID and password login method, which can also spell trouble for customers.

GoTo Resolve, however, helps SMBs protect against cyber attacks like ransomware, with proprietary zero trust security architecture for remote IT software. Simply put, it limits access within the trust zone in an IT environment. Each endpoint is protected by requiring reauthentication before each and every automated task is executed, with unique session codes and a simple run-only applet to ensure security. Conversely, other SaaS or cloud-based remote work tools allow unlimited access, which opens the door to malicious actors. Check out what one GoTo customer had to say.

“This software enables the user to identify, engage and resolve the problem with the help of multiple features. In addition to this, the software provides the best IT game-changing support and secure browsing.” – G2 Review from Melissa C., Senior Project Manager

Exceptional value

What can you expect to pay with other providers? One RMM solution requires that you pay for the cost of the product as well as extensive training. Another turns out to be very costly after integrations, event logging, and other functions are factored in. Yet another has a very high price tag based on the number of concurrent console agents.

There’s nothing complicated or overwhelming about GoTo Resolve’s simple, upfront pricing. In fact, GoTo Resolve is free to start, with a free plan available for SMBs. The free plan is ideal for those just getting started with RMM and wanting to get a taste of proactive IT management. The different paid plans offer added functionality to support all teams based on needs and maturity with features from ad-hoc remote sessions for desktops, laptops, and physical devices to helpdesk ticketing and antivirus management. In every case, GoTo is especially easy on the budget with no surprises.

GoTo Resolve provides everything your IT support team needs—and nothing they don’t—at a very affordable price. One customer says it best:

“As a company that prides itself on offering managed IT services that help businesses save time and money, GoTo Resolve has really helped us deliver on that promise at a greater rate. GoTo Resolve has allowed our small but mighty team of agents to provide a variety of support—from powerful proactive support like task automation to simple, fast remote control—for our customers with ease. And the GoTo team continues to quickly add more and more functionality so we can continue to provide more value to our customers and grow our business. This has been a great partnership to date and we’re very excited by the future with GoTo Resolve.” – Mark Darrah, Owner of Nationwide IT Consultancy

Award-winning customer support

As a GoTo Resolve customer, you’re assured exceptional customer support, 24/7, and unbeatable reliability with 99.999% uptime. But don’t take our word for it. TrustRadius recognizes GoTo for “providing customers with software products with outstanding ROI, and feature sets that go above and beyond to support their users.”

With all things considered, GoTo is a clear winner in the remote IT support space. An all-in-one IT solution for essential connections, combining remote support tools, proactive remote access and conversational ticketing in a single solution, it enables SMBs to bring efficiency to their business and value back in their pocket.