What is RMM software and how can it help small businesses?


What is RMM?

It’s an acronym that stands for remote monitoring and management software, which is deployed by IT teams to manage devices, gain insights into what’s happening across their IT infrastructure, take action in the background without the need to start a remote session, and automate some essential security tasks.

RMM software is quickly becoming mission-critical for organizations of all sizes in today's business landscape, one where remote and hybrid work models now predominate and where businesses need to support employee productivity and employee experience no matter where their employees happen to be working on any given day.

Who typically deploys RMM software?

While larger businesses and managed service providers (MSPs) rely on RMM to manage their large IT infrastructures, small and midsized businesses (SMBs) can also benefit from the features and tools of RMM software. However, if SMB teams even have RMM capabilities, they are spread out and siloed across multiple providers and platforms, making the tools complicated for smaller IT teams to manage and use daily.

This fragmented and disjointed approach to RMM often results in IT professionals within SMBs needing to toggle back and forth among multiple tools/platforms and SMBs not getting the full value out of the functionality they should have. What would “better” RMM look like for SMBs? An integrated, comprehensive RMM software solution purpose-built specifically for SMBs can deliver the full value of the capabilities SMBs really need, without all the extra stuff they don’t — something that “cobbling together” disjointed RMM tools or using a small piece of a much larger solution simply cannot offer.

8 must-have RMM software capabilities

What are the key capabilities that a remote monitoring and management software solution should provide an SMB? Each of these capabilities is included in GoTo Resolve, our comprehensive and one-stop RMM solution custom-built for SMBs:

1. Patch Management

Patch management allows you to identify, approve, and deploy patches to one or more devices to keep your software up-to-date and protected against threats without interrupting end users.

2. Alerting

Alerting lets you receive real-time, critical system alerts about computer health or software/hardware changes so you can proactively address potential issues before they become a problem.

3. Background File Manager

Enables you to transfer or manage files on a remote device without the hassle of connecting to the device or disrupting the end user.

4. Remote Terminal Access

Enables IT agents to take actions behind the scenes, offering a fully functional command prompt on deployed devices to take care of most, if not all, administration tasks.

5. Android Unattended Access

Have POS systems, tablets, or other Android devices that need support without a user present? This capacity enables you to easily connect to these devices and support them as if you were sitting in front of them.

6. Remote Execution

Remote execution eliminates repetitive tasks by using pre-written PowerShell scripts to install/ uninstall software, push files to multiple computers at once, run executable files, and update the registry.

7. Device Quick View

Check on real-time system diagnostics like CPU, memory, network, processes, and more to see if there is an issue.

8. PC, Mac, and Android unattended access

Unattended access allows you to remote view or control your PC, Mac, and Android devices with a deployed host without an end-user present.

How RMM software delivers security for your SMB

Wherever there are managed endpoints, there’s risk of security breaches and supply chain attacks. Those security threats have only grown as a result of remote and hybrid work. Malicious actors are using an array of sophisticated approaches to gain access and do damage to your SMB, including phishing and theft of user credentials.

How can you gain the benefits of RMM software while managing these growing cybersecurity threatsZero trust access control (offered by GoTo Resolve) is a great solution because it safeguards your business, protecting your managed devices from malicious actors and providing supply chain vulnerability protection with required verification for each action.

The bottom line? GoTo Resolve makes great RMM software accessible to SMBs in one, consolidated solution that’s easy for your IT team to use (no more toggling) and also includes on-demand remote support and conversational ticketing that makes supporting your users fast and easy. You might be an SMB with a small team, a limited IT infrastructure, and a modest budget, but GoTo Resolve gives you the RMM capabilities of an enterprise-sized giant.

Get started today with free RMM purpose-built for SMBs like yours.

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