Support and manage Logitech CollabOS devices remotely

Man standing with his arms outstretched beholding a sky-full of hot air balloons as a metaphor for remotely supporting Logitech devices with GoTo Resolve


A guiding ethos here at GoTo is to constantly look for new ways our products can make IT easy for IT professionals and end users alike. And one of the ways solutions become easier is when they integrate into your workflows or with current software or hardware. To that end, we’ve found another way to help make IT easier with our new GoTo Resolve and Logitech CollabOS Remote UI Access integration.

Screenshot of GoTo Resolve dashboard list of LogitechOS devices that can be easily supported and controlled remotely

For those not familiar, Logitech CollabOS is the operating system running on Logitech’s video collaboration devices, such as Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, and RoomMate. These systems are used in offices and at homes around the globe for video conferencing, scheduling and more. And like all technology these days, these devices require the ability to interact with and control them remotely, which is where GoTo Resolve shines.

New GoTo Resolve integration for Logitech CollabOS devices

With this new GoTo Resolve integration, CollabOS administrators now have hands-on control of these systems to troubleshoot or manage devices, remotely. Gone are the days where users need to wait for IT to come onsite to a conference room to troubleshoot device problems. Now issues can be identified and resolved faster. An IT admin can remotely and securely see what's happening on the screens and remote control the device in real-time, as if they were there in person.

A better remote support experience isn’t the only scenario this integration helps with. Think about times when an executive assistant needs to support company VIPs in setting up and starting/stopping important meetings. Now this can be achieved without needing an admin to be there in person, making it easier for all parties involved.

And the best part, with GoTo Resolve Free, businesses can manage up to five CollabOS devices for no cost. Setup is straightforward: first, get your free GoTo Resolve account. Then simply complete the configuration through local network access and your GoTo Resolve account, and you’re on your way to easier in-room device management.