The Slide Clinic Webinar: Real Slides Getting Live Makeovers - GoToWebinar


One of the most important parts of your webinar is the visual presentation. With boring, lifeless slides, you’ll not only quickly lose your audience, you’ll leave them with a bad impression of you and your organization.

The good news is that good slide design isn’t actually that hard, even if you have zero technical design skills.

In our recent webinar, The Slide Clinic, Roger Courville and I talk about:

  • How to design simple slides that get your point across
  • Where to find quality images, icons and fonts
  • How to avoid common mistakes in slide design
  • The best tools for designing compelling presentations decks

You can check out the slides from the webinar below. And as an added bonus here is an extensive list of design ideas and tactics to try next time you have to create a slide deck!

Check back soon for the Q&A section where we’ll answer your questions from the webinar.