Win a Portal from Facebook and Make Flex Work Even More Flexible! - GotoMeeting


Did you hear? We recently announced that GoToMeeting is now available on Portal from Facebook devices. In honor of this big news, we are thrilled to announce a giveaway that was just launched across GoTo’s social channels, giving our followers the opportunity to win a Portal device.

Entering is easy!

Over the course of the next few weeks, we are giving away six Portal devices.

All you have to do? Answer the questions posed on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages each week. That’s it! You can answer on one of those pages or on all of them. Entrants are allotted one entry per social platform per question and winners will be chosen at the end of each week.

Why GoToMeeting and Portal? 

Portal devices are being setup in living rooms, kitchens and home offices every day and flex to fit every individual and worker’s life.

With GoToMeeting on Portal, your computer screen is free to be utilized for a plethora of other tasks and to-do’s, and with Portal’s Smart Camera and Smart Sound features, you are able to pace, get yourself a cup of coffee, make your child lunch, get started on the laundry and so much more while still coming across loud and clear. After all, our work from home tools should be as flexible as our work from home life.

Beyond work, GoToMeeting and Portal are a great pairing for students participating in hybrid and remote learning, patients being invited to jump on a GoToMeeting with their healthcare provider, and even friends and family connecting for holiday dinners, happy hours, game nights and Story Time.

So visit GoTo’s social pages and enter our GoTo Portal giveaway today!

To learn more, read the contest terms and conditions here.