Video Conferencing When You Least Expect It - GotoMeeting


Here at LogMeIn, video conferencing is pretty much the norm for meetings across our global offices. In fact, here in our headquarters in Boston, we use it even to connect with folks sitting in the building across the street. We understand the benefits of video conferencing, and it doesn’t hurt the cause that we create two leading video conferencing products. But it’s also good every now and again to take a step back from our own software “bubble” to get a read on how different roles and industries are using video conferencing to drive better business outcomes in 2017. Here are some use-cases we found pretty interesting for video conferencing in healthcare, education, and even at taquerias!

The Doctor is In… On Video

Adoption of new technologies paired with scientific research has made the healthcare field as one of the most progressive industries out there. Video conferencing technology is being widely used in hospitals for everything from teaching difficult medical procedures, to collaboration with global experts on difficult diagnoses. The benefits of video conferencing in healthcare are being applied even to the most critical medical situations. Connecting an EMT team in the ambulance to an outside medical specialist on video can help diagnose and treat an emergency faster. Plus, the team at the hospital can be better prepared for when the patient arrives. Someday, that iPad could save your life!

Boost Learning Well Beyond the Classroom

The benefits of video conferencing in education have been proven across early education and into college. Video opens doors for students with physical limitations, connects students to outside experts or programs they were not previously accessible to… the list goes on. Even beyond the standard classroom, continued learning and professional education programs have widely benefited from using video conferencing. Take one of our customers, for example. Living Language gives adults and kids alike the opportunity to learn a new language through a unique online program. They leverage GoToMeeting video conferencing to connect language students all around the world with native speaking tutors, helping them engage in real life practice of the material they’ve learned with Living Language courses. The opportunity to interact with a native speaker is an invaluable part of the program. Actually seeing the native speaker over video gives the learner access to cultural non-verbal cues that are often lost when just listening to audio!

Strengthen Brand Loyalty to Tacos, and Beyond

One of the key benefits to video conferencing across all industries is the human connection it fosters. Video conferencing presents a great opportunity companies in direct B2C markets drive stronger relationships between consumers and their brand. Take this New York City Taqueria, 2nd City. Their approach of leveraging digital media and apps to drive every facet of the business expands to a unique approach with customers at the moment of consumption. The semi-celebrity head chef uses video conferencing to chat directly with his customers (and fans), about their experience and what they liked about the tacos. In a cut-throat industry where Yelp reviews and social media presence are key to survival, this experience of connecting chef to consumer helps 2nd City standout.