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You wouldn’t let your client pay for a lunch meeting, would you? Then why would you make them pick up the bill for online meeting audio? That’s exactly why toll-free audio is a favorite feature used by GoToMeeting customers who meet regularly with their own customers, clients and prospects.

One of the most common questions I get from customers is how to add toll free to their GoToMeeting sessions when an attendee cannot connect via VoiP. Adding OpenVoice Integrated solves that dilemma seamlessly, allowing our users to add toll free numbers for the US, Canada, and some 50+ additional countries. Everyone can connect quickly through the same GoToMeeting experience they know and love. They can record the meeting audio and screen sharing all together, no matter how everyone dialed in. And with Call Me, anyone in the meeting can ask GoToMeeting to call the phone number of their choice – letting us handle the ‘dial-in’ for them!

Last week, I hosted a webinar with Lia Soscia, our OpenVoice Specialist, to dive into all of the great benefits of adding OpenVoice Integrated to your GoTo sessions. In this webinar (now available OnDemand) we covered:

  • What OpenVoice Integrated is, and why your meetings deserve it.
  • How to give your attendees toll-free audio for over 50 countries.
  • How your attendees can bypass the hassle of dialing in with Call Me.
  • How seamless toll-free audio can cut costs – a lot!
  • When it makes sense to use OpenVoice standalone audio conferencing.

One thing is for sure, audio quality can make or break a meeting. So when you’ve got an important call on the books, don’t leave your audio up to chance. Click here to watch the webinar to learn how to provide better audio for all your meetings. And if you’re interested in setting up OpenVoice Integrated for your own GoToMeeting account, head to our website to get in touch with our sales team!