Top Trends and Insights from Enterprise Connect 2018 - GoToMeeting


Enterprise Connect is a wrap! Our team showed up in full force last week ready to talk about our vision for workplace collaboration and show off our latest product updates. We had our whole collaboration suite represented at our booth and spent a fun and educational four days meeting with analysts, partners, customers, and business buyers.

GoToMeeting at Enterprise Connect

What’s in store for communication and collaboration?

This stuff is a big deal. With the rise of remote work, increased workplace collaboration, and more work happening on mobile than ever, collaboration technology can make or break an organization’s overall productivity and success. We were inspired to find the vision presented by industry leaders and our peers was well aligned with our own vision.

Here are three key takeaways from the event we wanted to share with you!

Integrations are key, even with “competitors”

Here at LogMeIn, we’ve been “playing well with others” for years. We have open API’s for GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and, as well as integrations with various software platforms — including others in the collab space like Slack and Trello.

So we were nodding our heads when we heard integrations arise as a major theme from many of our peers. Software companies need be thinking strategically about integrations as a way to seamlessly fit into their users’ workflows. Users need to be able to work the way they want to work. Switching between apps and platforms should be simple. And if that means integrating with someone who might be somewhat competitive to what you offer, the benefit likely outweighs the risk. Considering our next point, in today’s market, it’s likely unavoidable.

Not all collab apps are created equal

There’s a lot of feature-overlap today in collaboration tools. Organizations are feeling pressure to consolidate the applications they use. In turn, they’re putting that pressure on collaboration solutions to provide all the functionality their users need.

Many applications we saw at Enterprise Connect seemed to do a little bit of everything. But when you’re comparing these feature sets, it’s not always apples-to-apples.

And it’s not just about the features — a great user-experience is just as important. When a solution is trying to be more than it’s truly built for, the user experience suffers.

GoToMeeting and our range of rooms and audio solutions are purpose-built for great meetings, first and foremost. Our products are carefully designed for our users to have a great external meeting experience from anywhere, anytime. It’s important not to sacrifice that meeting quality for the sake of consolidation. Otherwise, productivity throughout your organization will go downhill fast.

Robots are coming…but not in a scary way

AI, bots, machine learning… who’s afraid of the big bad collaboration robot? We ran a survey at our booth asking attendees how they felt about Artificial Intelligence in the workplace. We’re excited to see most people are ready to rock with the robots.

Collaboration tools survey

Developments in AI and collaboration were a hot topic, but companies are bringing them to market to help you, not replace you.

According to Google’s industry vision address, the key to business collaboration is to “maximize human ingenuity.” Advances in machine learning in collaboration apps can help people get the mundane, day-to-day tasks out of the way making room for true ingenuity and ideation.

We couldn’t agree more. In fact, we showcased some of our own product developments in this area during the event. We debuted a beta of our meeting transcription capabilities, which takes the recordings of your meetings and transcribes them into a simple, searchable meeting summary. Our customers will see more on this feature in the coming weeks — and this is just the beginning. You’ll see a lot more to come from us this year as we develop smarter meetings that work for you, and with you. But we promise — they won’t replace you!