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I hate to be bored. Especially at the hands of a presenter with lifeless slides. It’s torture.

Trapped in my seat in a packed auditorium I’ll evaluate escape routes. I stay only to avoid the awkwardness of the “Excuse me, excuse me…” path to the closest exit.

I need a superhero to save me. Or, better yet, the speaker needs a superhero to save his dreadful presentation…which brings me to my first example that demonstrates how easy it is to take your webinar slides from boring to beautiful.

1. Where to find kick-ass visuals for your presentations

A few years ago, I set out to liberate the world from bad sales follow-ups once and for all. So of course, I put together a slide deck with my tips.

I needed something dramatic for the title slide. I turned to Kick-Ass, an ordinary teenager turned superheroAnyone remember that movie?

Unfortunately, the movie poster is noticeably copyrighted and fair use felt a little unsafe in its vagueness. That could have been the end of it, but I love Deviant Art, a site where artists share their work. A quick search for “Kick-Ass” brought me to Mattias Falberg, a Swedish blogger and artist who was nice enough to allow me to use his artwork for my slide below (thanks, Mattias!).

Lesson learned: Asking nicely works wonders if you need something remarkable to set your presentation apart.

2. Injecting personality into your slide decks

Another way to make your slides stand out is to put a bit of personality into them. Quite a bit, actually, as I recommend using a life-sized image of yourself.

In the example below I used two photos of myself as the beginning and end of a story arc. The first photo shows a goal out of reach, the second photo ends the story by showing me having achieved the goal.

These types of visuals are pretty easy to do:

  • Think up a visual way of making a point
  • Pose accordingly in front of a white background (a door will do)
  • Snap a photo of yourself
  • Paste the photo into PowerPoint and add free icons or stock photos as needed

3. Beautiful images make beautiful slides

My last tip is actually the easiest of them all and stolen directly from Guy Kawasaki. Pick a gorgeous image and add minimal text in large font. You can’t go wrong.

In the example below, I illustrate the opening part of a presentation about a super-boring topic (the lifecycle of a sales lead, stage 1: a lead is created) with a sectional headline. The image itself has zero to do with the topic, but it works great and looks far better than the transition slides you usually see.

Simply using eye-popping images with one or two words will instantly add interest to your slides and help your audience pay attention. If you’re looking for free imagery, browse Pexels or Unsplash.

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