Support Sustainable Farming and Invite a Goat to Your Next Meeting! - GotoMeeting


We’ve been so inspired by all the amazing ways people have used video conferencing technology to remain connected with colleagues, customers, friends and family. Meetings, lectures, and events are taking place virtually; happy hours and trivia contests are going on as planned, and one creative farm in California even brought a bit of levity to otherwise trying times with goats. Yes, goats!

In case you’ve missed the news on “Goat-2-Meeting” we’d like to introduce you to Sweet Farm. While on the surface the thought of bringing goats and other farm animals to meetings brings levity, there’s so much more to what Sweet Farm does, and we are honored to be their official communications partner for this amazing program.

Sweet Farm is the first non-profit sanctuary in the world that address the impact of farming across animals, plants and the planet. They work tirelessly to make sure that they are providing education about agriculture, farm-animal rescue and the technology that makes sustainable farming possible. I caught up with co-founder Nate Salpeter about all the amazing work Sweet Farm is doing not just during the pandemic, but year round to promote a more sustainable way of living. Watch the full interview:

Not only has Sweet Farm saved hundreds of animals and helped to feed low-income families and farmers, but they also support start-ups with similar missions. And so much of what they do aligns perfectly with LogMeIn’s Corporate Social Responsibility goals, so we couldn’t be more excited to kick that partnership off. Thanks to the team and four legged friends at Sweet Farm for opening your pasture doors to us.

To set up your own Goat-2-Meeting, click here!