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Roger Courville is the author of The Virtual Presenter’s Playbook, The Virtual Presenter’s 102 Tips for Online Meetings, and contributing author to Business Expert Guide to Small Business Success. He’s an expert in the human factors of virtual presentations and workshops, and an internationally sought-after speaker on how to transform attention and results using live online communication technologies, which, with four bucks, will get you a triple foofiato at Starbucks. Roger has worked with clients, public and private, as diverse as Australia Institute of Company Directors, Fedex, American Management Association, American Institute of CPAs, US Bank, Microsoft, Australia Institute of Training and Development, and, of course, GoToWebinar.

One idea can change your life, right? Or maybe for you, it’s one tool.

In my world, it’s presentations, productivity, meetings, and leadership in a virtual world. What you’ll find below is a pile of links to various resources I’ve found useful.


1. Get inside a prospect’s brain with Crystal or Charlie

2. Free teleprompter

3. Create social media visuals with Pablo

4. Get voices messages directly from your website

5. Create and send a single postcard

6. Write a better headline

7. Remember somebody’s name

8. Power up your email signature

9. Add auto-Tweeting to your Apple Keynote decks

10. Promote a webinar here, here, here, here, here, or even here if it’s in German

11. See a cool list of all the alt codes (symbols and characters) you can access on your keyboard


12. Keep your team on the same page with a shared to-do list

13. Convert a time zone

14. Make, tag, edit, and share notes/content anywhere with Evernote – or if you’re a user of Microsoft Office 365, use this converter to move Evernote to OneNote

15. Use a sleek online timer to keep meetings on track

16. Send and discuss web pages with colleagues

17. Visual project management

18. Use a browser-based whiteboard

19. Create a collaborative set of web bookmarks

20. Share a team task list

21. Collaborate textually (online, no app needed)

22. Simplify appointment scheduling with ScheduleOnce or Doodle

23. Send large files with Hightail, TransferBigFiles, or Citrix’s Sharefile

Personal Productivity

24. Use email reminders to keep your inbox tidy

25. Clean up your email inbox

26. Test the speed of an internet connection

27. Improve reading focus with this Chrome browser extension

28. Track your time with toggl or Yast

29. Use Buffer to smart-schedule or auto-schedule social posts

30. Match a color

31. Manage passwords with LastPass

32. Find someone through variants of email addresses

33. Do 1000 things (well, not quite) with a pdf

34. Remember stuff

35. Run your business from your Gmail inbox

36. Simplify travel management with TripIt

37. Track packages (and more)

38. Connect and automate apps and devices (no coding required!)

39. Save online reading for later with Evernote, Feedly, or Pocket

Make Decisions

40. ROI calculator for online training

41. Choose the right slide visualization for your presentation

42. Choose the right color combinations

43. Get ideas for content development

44. See what’s being said about you or develop a media coverage report

45. Know what your competitors are doing on the web

46. Figure out what sample size you need for some research

Make Stuff Better/Faster

47. Resize an image

48. Find free images (see my list below) or search for Creative Commons photos

49. Make an infographic with Venngage, Canva, or

50. Reduce the size of an image here or here

51. Remove an image’s background

52. Download YouTube (and more) videos with KeepVid, youtube-dl or YTD Downloader

53. Verify the validity of a quotation

54. Edit video online

55. Find classy icons

56. Get help publishing your intellectual property

57. Get the right size graphic for your social sites

58. Make a GIF

A Pile of Free Stock Image Sites