The Rise of Remote Work in the Future Gig Economy - GotoMeeting


The traditionally structured workday is fading as companies start to embrace a more fluid gig economy. According to the Bureau of Labor, alternative workers – people who earn their living without a traditional full-time job – compose about 10 percent of the total number of employed Americans. In addition, about one-third of workers in the US freelance or take gigs outside of their full-time job. Studies show that’s on the rise – by 2027 the majority of US workers will be freelancing in some capacity.

Simultaneously, we’re encountering a meteoric rise in connected devices. By 2020, the Internet of Things will be more than 20 billion units strong, including more than 6 billion smartphones. Constant connectivity will be the workplace standard, enabling more employees than ever to work remotely. Plus, by 2025, 75 percent of the American workforce will be millennials – a generation who values experiences over money and freedom. Is it any wonder that 50 percent of them already freelance?

So we’ve got a hyper-connected, millennial-led gig economy on the horizon. This will certainly drive a huge upswing in remote work, and you’ll need to prepare your business for it! Aim for collaborative approaches and flexibility. Embrace work from home and flexible work policies, and offer a mobile friendly, work-from-anywhere environment. And start building out the right technology stack that will support this shift!

Find Flexible, Dynamic Collaboration Tools

Millennials prefer a communication and collaboration culture at work. Tools with mobile-friendly chat capabilities allow your team to work, bond, and talk without needing to set formal meetings or send emails, on the go, anytime, from anywhere. But to foster great ideas and drive real business results, meetings will still be the epicenter of collaboration. So adopt reliable, easy-to-use remote meeting tools that go beyond simple video conferencing and actually streamline your team’s processes. Our meeting transcripts for example, can eliminate the struggle of missed meetings, note-taking and other productivity bottlenecks.

Be On-The-Go and AI-Friendly

An upswing in remote work demands technologies that support a workforce on the move! Look for mobile apps that mirror the capabilities of the desktop so there are no limitations to what your remote workers can accomplish. And seek out tools that leverage AI to take on the mundane tasks typically managed by a remote workforce. The capabilities of virtual assistants like Alexa are quickly expanding to boost daily productivity, with new integrations from Google Calendar, to Zapier, and yes, we’ve even got one for GoToMeeting!

Be Open to BYOD

One trend that’s skyrocketing among businesses to empower their mobile workforce is BYOD. By the end of this year, there will be more than one billion BYOD users in workplaces around the globe. Embrace it now, and it will benefit you later as more and more of your employees require that flexibility. Optimize your network for BYOD workers, and create a BYOD policy to support it across your organization.