How to Please Your Employees With a New Meeting Tool - GotoMeeting


Did you know that 77% of employees say they aren’t consulted before a new tool is rolled out? When investing in a new meeting tool for your organization, it’s important to understand what your end users actually want and need! If you don’t communicate with employees early and often, it’s going to be difficult to get support and traction once you’re ready to launch a new tool. And there’s nothing worse than spending budget and time on something only to find that it doesn’t meet the end users’ needs. So it’s best to kick things off by asking some questions! Here are a few to ponder:

1. How do you use your current online meeting tool?

Before you can find the right conference solution, you need to determine the major use cases. Do employees mostly use web conferencing tools for remote work? Communication between several offices? Sales calls and demos? Or all of the above? Once you know the greater purpose for the software, you can start to decide what features are must-haves, nice-to-haves, and not necessary.

2. What are your biggest complaints about the current solution?

We know employees love to complain about technology. But the complaints you really need to pay attention to are those relating to usability and reliability. To get the ball rolling, ask them detailed questions. Do they know how to use all the features? Is the user-interface intuitive? Is it easy for outside participants to join? Is it reliable? You want to find out if the technology is getting in the way of collaboration. Because at the end of the day, if the solution isn’t simple and reliable, employees won’t use it.

3. What features do you WANT?

This isn’t a question for everyone – your average user probably just wants reliable video conferencing and audio calling. But there are many more features out there to simplify their collaboration and streamline their productivity they probably don’t even know about. So to try to form a more detailed wish list, talk to some of your power users (people who host the most meetings in your company) about additional features they could have. Do they want to be able to conduct whiteboard meetings or need room hardware? Record and share meetings? Create a transcript? Do they need a toll-free dial-in option? If your power users are involved in the decision and happy with the solution you choose, you’ll end up with a higher internal adoption rate!

Now that you’ve got an open line of communication with your end users, you can start to evaluate some options! To learn more about how to choose and implement a winning meeting solution, download our brand new guide: How To Roll Out A Meeting Solution the Hassle-Free Way.