Our 2018 Wrap Up: By the Numbers - GotoMeeting


As a new year begins it’s only natural to reflect on all your personal and professional accomplishments from the past year. We took the time to do the same here at GoToMeeting! As we reflected on our year, it was amazing to see all the ways our customers engaged with our teams through surveys, on webinars, at events, and even on social media to give us a shout out, share love for a feature or to give constructive feedback. We worked hard this year with this feedback in mind, to create not just tools our customers can use, but solutions they love.

Here are some highlights of 2018, by the numbers:

Whew—what a year! We owe a big thank you to all our customers, but especially those who responded to our surveys or opened up their doors to our research teams. Thanks to those of you who attended a webinar, subscribed to our blog, or engaged with us on social – and especially to those who embraced and shared our new features!

We’ll never stop listening or innovating to create features and solutions you can count on for easy, on-the-go collaboration. It’s onward and upward for 2019, stay tuned for another amazing year.