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I’ve grown accustomed to leading a marketing team and being a Mom of two at the same time. It’s not always easy – and I don’t always excel at both – but even on the craziest of days, I had a routine and (some) sense of normalcy. Now, for better or worse, COVID-19 has removed the word “routine” from our collective vocabularies. So many of us have added full-time remote worker, teacher and – depending on the age of your kids – daycare provider to the list of your newfound roles and responsibilities. It’s challenging – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Even a month in, I’m still adjusting to this new life working from home full-time. I’ve learned a lot about how to support my family, manage my workload, and be there for my team. Newsflash – you can’t do all those things (well) at once! When this all started, I had a solid plan that involved scheduling away any uncertainty and stress. All I needed was a to-do list and a can-do attitude. Turns out, what I’ve learned is that – while routines are all fine and good – agility is better! Lofty expectations and ideals only create frustration and feelings of inadequacy, and that’s not fun for anyone.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that I need to cut myself a break. There is no controlling an uncontrollable situation. And I’ll say that again for all the Type A “I’ve got this” people:

There is NO controlling an UNCONTROLLABLE situation.

I have to remind myself of this daily. And lately, one of my outlets has been talking to others who are navigating similar experiences. I sat down with Kara Banosian, a friend and colleague here at LogMeIn, to discuss the challenges we’ve both faced, and how we’re wearing the hats of Moms, leaders, and remote workers during this unprecedented situation.

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