Meeting Scheduling Made Easy with GoToConference - GotoMeeting


Ever wish you could walk into a conference room wish your scheduled meetings would show up on the in-room screen? Well, your wish is granted! GoToConference has eliminated the hassle of conference room setup and has enabled you schedule all your meetings exactly how you want them!

Like all of GoToMeeting integrationswe fit right into your workflow and make scheduling a breeze. Starting today, you can integrate your GoToConference system with the calendar service of your choice – Google, Office 365, or Microsoft Exchange.  

Here’s how it works: 

GoToConference (GTC) users can now set a GTC room as the meeting location from the calendar, and view upcoming meetings scheduled in the room directly from the hardware. To allow this capability, you must first authorize Cronofy Enterprise Connect to seamlessly integrate your calendar.  

To Add a Calendar:

Administrators can add a calendar service and start the integration process from the Admin Center: 

  1. Log in at: 
  2. Select Admin Settings in the left menu. 
  3. The GoToConference Integration field offers integration with Google, Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange.  
  4. Select desired calendar tab and finish integrating your calendar 

Manage Calendars and Assign Rooms 

After integrating your calendar service to Cronofy, you’re ready to add a calendar to a GoToConference room and manage rooms from the Admin Center! 

  1. Select Manage Rooms in the left menu. 
  2. Click Add calendar for the desired room. 
  3. Select the calendar you’d like to assign to the room. 
  4. Once assigned, you will be able to schedule a meeting from your calendar and set that GoToConference room as the meeting location. 

Interested in learning more about our rooms solutions like GoToConference and InRoom link? Check out our website to find out what’s best for you!