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When Goldilocks stumbled upon the home of the three bears, it took some trial and error before she found the perfect-sized bed for a nap. The first couple were too firm. Or too soft. And definitely too big. But the third? The third was just right.

As humans, we also sometimes feel weird in spaces that are “too big” for us. It’s awkward attending a small ad-hoc staff meeting in an enterprise-grade boardroom. It’s even tempting to associate boardrooms with long monologues, heavy eyelids and strained attention spans. To make matters worse, according to recent research we’ve done with analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, large conference rooms are hosting only 3-4 people 75% of the time! Luckily, the days of having to choose a 20-person capacity boardroom for your four-person meeting are winding down. The truth is, the popularity of – and need for – large conference rooms is declining. As organizations begin to take a more strategic approach to their office real estate, more and more are choosing to redesign their meeting spaces to address the evolving collaboration habits of the modern workforce.

If the goal of today’s workforce is to enable better decision-making and improve the customer experience, we need to work together in a way that makes us feel empowered and confident that we can act on information in real time. Enter the huddle room. Typically designed for 4-6 people, these smaller smaller spaces make us feel more engaged, it keeps us on task and more attentive.

As you plan your huddle room design, it’s important to keep three things in mind: ease of use, productivity and reliability. This new research shows that of the estimated 33 million huddle rooms around the world, less than 3% enabled with video conferencing capabilities. This means that moving from the boardroom to a huddle room isn’t just a change in physical space, it’s often a limiting move as far as collaboration goes. What you need is the right technology in the right space to connect your teams and accelerate productivity. The end result? Richer interactions, more productive meetings, stronger peer relationships and a clear return on investment.

Earlier this year, we launched GoToRoom, an out-of-the-box conference room solution for both small and medium sized conference rooms. Backed by the stability and reliability of GoToMeeting, GoToRoom is a best-in-breed hardware and software bundle that ensures your meetings start smooth and finish strong. Get the face time you need, share content in seconds, and seamlessly bridge gaps across the globe.

Click here to read the full whitepaper and get a deeper dive into how huddle rooms are changing the enterprise collaboration landscape, read tips on room design best practices, and learn how to select a vendor that’s right for you.