Introducing GoToConference’s TeamShare - GotoMeeting


How many times have you been in a conference room with your team and someone says “oh let me show you something from my computer” and the struggle to find the right cords to connect your laptop or power up a projector begins… We’ve all been there, so we came up with an easier solution using GoToConference’s new feature TeamShare!

TeamShare allows users to send content from your laptop to an in-room display through GoToConference. By opening a Chrome browser window and entering a simple code displayed on GoToConference you can easily share whatever is on your screen wirelessly. All this comes at no additional cost with your GoToConference service.


GoToConference transforms huddle and conference rooms into video enabled spaces to meet your company’s collaboration needs. We have you covered with a simple all-in-one package combining the hardware and software which allows you to easily set-up a video conferencing system in minutes. All of this is back by the reliability and simplicity of our GoToMeeting service. We are continuing to add additional features to GoToConference including TeamShare to bring simplicity and value back to the conference room.

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