Why an Influencer Should Definitely Host Your Next Webinar - GoToWebinar


Influencer marketing will swell from just $2 billion in 2017 to $10 billion by 2020. And while it’s already big in the realm of B2C, it continues to gain traction with B2Bs.

At GoToWebinar, we’re seeing big B2B brands like HubSpot, Shopify, and SproutSocial to name a few, tap into the power of influencers for their webinars. Why? Webinars are an easy and effective vehicle for B2B companies to partner with influencers.

So before you start planning and promoting your next webinar, here’s why you should start by finding an influencer to host it:

Influencers build instant trust.

Gaining the trust of your customers isn’t easy. As Blake Morgan, author and leader in customer experience, puts it:

“Let’s face the truth: today’s B2B customers just don’t trust you. In fact, a recent study found that 59% of buyers would rather do research online to avoid interacting with a human sales rep who pushes their own agenda and doesn’t listen.”

The beauty of a webinar hosted by an influencer is that it doesn’t come across as a pushy sales pitch. It comes across as a high-value experience that immediately boosts your brand’s credibility, thanks to the influencer’s reputation. From your audience’s perspective, an influencer transfers all their authority and cachet to your brand as they’re hosting your webinar—without making a blatant endorsement.

If your webinar, on top of this trust, brings value and engagement to your audience, you will have nurtured a warm audience by the end of your presentation. The end result is higher conversions.

Increase organic reach.

Influencers can significantly expand your brand’s reach. Many influencers boast a big network and social-media following – typically on LinkedIn or Twitter for the B2B crowd. That quickly grows the number of people you can reach.

And remember, it’s okay if your influencer doesn’t have millions of followers as long as they have the right following. For B2B influencer marketing, it’s more a matter of quality than quantity.

Boost promotional efforts.

Promoting a brand that’s not well known is challenging. According to HubSpot, successfully spreading brand awareness is one of the biggest challenges small businesses face.

Who will take note of you or your webinar in a sea of competitors? How much money do you have to pour into Facebook or LinkedIn ads to raise brand awareness and generate registrations? If you face this challenge, focus on securing influencer partners for your webinar and you’ll find your promotion efforts go a lot further. Because of your influencer’s recognizability and appeal, they will immediately increase your visibility and your promotions will be far more effective.

Host an engaging, high-value webinar.

In the B2B world, influencers are not just attractive celebrities with insane numbers of Instagram followers. They are experts in their field. Having an influencer host your webinar means you’re giving your audience exclusive access to a next-level expert that otherwise, they wouldn’t get to hear or interact with.

Most industry leaders also have experience speaking in front of large crowds and hosting events. Because they are skilled at communicating with audiences and drawing in a crowd, your webinar is sure to be a smooth and highly engaging experience.

So next time you’re planning a webinar, think about the influencers or trusted brands you can partner with. It may take a little more time and effort to plan and execute an influencer webinar, but the expanded reach and high-value content will be well worth it.