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IDEX Group, France’s third-largest player in the energy market, has around 4,000 employees spread across hundreds of sites in mainland France and several European countries. But their steadfast focus on energy extends far beyond their offerings of electricity, heating solutions, renewable energy, waste recovery and facilities management to their customers.

They’re also conscious of the impact their business activities have on the environment and, as a result, are constantly aiming to reduce greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions. To do so, they decided to minimize non-essential business travel by promoting video conferencing. Unfortunately, this was easier said than done with their vendor at the time.

Prior to adopting GoToRoom, IDEX used a different video conferencing solution that was difficult for employees to set up – with an average time loss of 20 minutes before each meeting. As a LogMeIn client for other products, IDEX was offered the opportunity to be the first pilot project for GoToRoom in the French market.

The trials saw tremendous success, thanks in part to the proactive involvement of the LogMeIn’s team in Europe. After only a few adjustments, the GoToRoom kit now meets all of IDEX’s business needs. “Some employees have even started using the solution via document sharing and projection without any training,” declared Mickaël Canville, Application Support Technician for IDEX, who also described GoToRoom as an intuitive and user-friendly tool.

So far, IDEX has enjoyed GoToRoom’s simplified and streamlined unboxing process, unrivaled high-definition video and audio, as well as the fact that just one kit can connect any room – large or small.

“I have to thank the LogMeIn team for their availability and personal support while I was implementing GoToRoom in our company. Questions were always answered very quickly; instructions available in a dozen languages, including French, make it really easy for anyone to adopt this tool!” said Canville.

For the full story behind how IDEX Group leveraged GoToRoom for positive business and environmental impact, click the image below!

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