ICYMI: Expert Tips to Ace Your Next Video Conference Interview - GotoMeeting


As remote work and video conferencing have become the norm in today’s workforce, video interviewing has become a crucial part of the recruiting process. It gives candidates new access to jobs all across the globe, and enables them to fit interviewing more easily into their busy schedule. But a video interview also takes special consideration to prepare for! A few weeks ago we interviewed LogMeIn’s Senior Talent Acquisition Manager Liz Raymond to help you navigate the world of  video conference interviews. It’s all about mixing the skills you’ve already honed with some new tricks to leverage the video conferencing medium to your benefit.

In episode 2 in our new “For The Love of the Meeting” video series, where the experts here at GoToMeeting deliver their top meeting tips, we asked Liz to call out the most important pieces of advice to help you ace your next video interview! Check it out:

You can read Liz’s full interview on the topic here, and in case you missed it, tune into episode #1 to learn how to free up your calendar from Friday meetings!